Time to Clean the Closets out


I have clothes that range about three different sizes. Based on all of the dieting that I do, I find that I do not always fit into the same size date to date. I am okay with this, but the fact is that there are clothes that I have not worn in possibly years, so I feel like it is time to go and get rid of them. There is spring cleaning in Singapore going on anywhere you look, and there are a lot of people that are looking for help from others. I knew that I wanted to be one of those people who got a lot of the old things out of their closet. Continue reading

It Worked for My Son


My son accels in some areas in school, but science has been hard for him to understand. Unfortuantely, I’ve forgotten moree science than I’ve ever known, so I’m no use to my son. The teachers have tried their best to help him, but he wasn’t able to understand the concepts. I turned to a jc physics tuition service for help, thinking that they could offer a new way to teach my son that the school teachers weren’t using.

The tuition service did a great job of working with my son on the basic level and building a foundation from there. The concepts that the teachers were trying to get through to my son seemed easier to understand because he was able to look at them from a different view point. Continue reading