1 Goal http://www.1goal.mobi Education for All Tue, 06 Jun 2017 04:39:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.4.11 Pikachu and Pocky Make for the Perfect Phone Case for Me http://www.1goal.mobi/pikachu-and-pocky-make-for-the-perfect-phone-case-for-me/ Fri, 28 Apr 2017 04:30:49 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=291 Continue reading ]]> I’ll admit it, I’m a female well into my adult years, with a particular love for all things Pokemon and a particular love for Pocky, the delightful chocolate-covered cookies I sampled on a trip to Japan many years ago. I knew my best friend truly knew me when she gave me a pink pocky phone case that featured an adorable Pikachu munching on my favorite Pocky treat! Pink is my favorite color and anything featuring a Pikachu is irresistible to me.

I spend much of my adult life wearing a business suit and carrying a very serious looking briefcase. I work in the insurance industry and am expected to present a very conservative and professional appearance every day. I visit clients who work in the same type of offices as I do, without a lot of color and without humor. The little bit of fun I can add to my life and wardrobe comes with being able to express the more light-hearted part of myself with my phone cases. I have them in virtually every color imaginable, with various characters, designs and embellishments. Phone cases have become as much of a fashion accessory to me as handbags and jewelry are to others and I enjoy changing them out to match my outfits and moods.

Every time I visit my sister and her family in Chicago, my nieces and nephews always want to see my phone case and I love the interaction and connection they can provide to the young people in my life. Because I am provided with upgraded phones fairly often, I have passed on my old phones to my nieces and nephews for pretend play and they now have more interest in the cases than the phones. They surprised me with a gift as well with a large box of Pocky to keep in my briefcase.

I Am Still Job Hunting http://www.1goal.mobi/i-am-still-job-hunting/ Thu, 30 Mar 2017 16:31:58 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=289 Continue reading ]]> I have been out of college for a couple of months and I have started to really sweat the fact which I have not yet found a good job. Of course I have been delivering pizza, but that is hardly what I am looking for and it is wearing out my old car. I have been talking to a guy I knew from the church my family attends. He works for an insurance agency, they seem to mostly sell insurance business plans. Of course you may not know this, but when the banks loan you money to start a business they insist upon you have insurance. They are not really worried about the wife and kids that you might leave behind, but instead they are not going to have you drop dead and leave them on the hook for the money that you owe them. They intend to get paid back, but of course you have to pay for the insurance even when it benefits them instead of you.

I never really thought too much about working in insurance, but it seems like I have the qualifications to listen to this guy. I asked him about that, like what sort of college courses you should take if you want to sell insurance. Apparently they want you to go to college, but they do not seem to care about what you do while you are there. I am going to think about that very closely. It is a good job obviously, but that really depends a lot about how good you are at it. Like most sales jobs you get paid a lot better when you are good at selling stuff. The truth is that if you are bad at selling the stuff, then they are not going to let you hang around.

My Sister and I Each Got an Apartment http://www.1goal.mobi/my-sister-and-i-each-got-an-apartment/ Sat, 11 Feb 2017 05:30:47 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=287 Continue reading ]]> Looking at Stone Oak apartments in San Antonio TX turned out to be much more fun than I expected it to be. I was looking for an apartment for my sister who was due to move here soon, but I ended up finding one for each of us instead. I had been hoping that she could just move into an apartment in my complex, but there were no available units. We both knew that we were too alike to share an apartment, so I started searching elsewhere for hers. That is when I came across the Regency at Lookout Canyon apartments, and I fell in love with them myself.

I only looked at the one bedroom units, because again, I knew that we would not be able to live together. Living in the same complex was great for both of us, but living in the same apartment was a definite no no. The neat thing about these apartments though is that a large family can also live here. There are units that have four bedrooms and three baths, which I thought was really nice because families don’t always choose to live in a house.

The amenities were really great. A resort style swimming pool, a fitness center that has all kinds of workout equipment in it, a clubhouse that has plenty of activities too, and this place even allows pets. Since we are both cat people, that was one of the first things I checked out. There are a lot more things to do here than at my last apartment complex, and the apartments are also much nicer and more modern. It felt so great to tell my previous landlord that I was moving after my application was accepted. My sister has an apartment that is only about a 45 second walk from mine, and that makes us both happy.

Moving Closer to Work Was a Great Move http://www.1goal.mobi/moving-closer-to-work-was-a-great-move/ Mon, 06 Feb 2017 05:30:22 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=285 Continue reading ]]> My sister and I had been living together for nearly two years when she got engaged to her boyfriend. The two of them had a very short engagement, but we all still had plenty of time to decide what to do about living arrangements. There was no way that I was going to live with the two of them, and I did not want to keep a two bedroom unit by myself. I told them they could either keep it, or we could all find our own place. I did a search for Forestville MD apartments, hoping to find something that would get me a little closer to work.

When I lived with my sister, it took me 40 minutes on a good day to get to work and then another 40 minutes to get home again. It did not bother me at first, but it did get old rather quickly. I wanted to find an apartment that would get me a little closer to work, and I found just that when I looked at the Parkland Village apartment complex. In addition to being closer to work by nearly 30 minutes, I also had my choice of four different one bedroom units.

I loved looking at all the different layouts, and the one that i liked best is the Bradford floor plan. There is so much storage here, and there is also a washer and dryer in a corner of the kitchen. The living room is nearly twice as big as what my former one was. This apartment had everything going for it, and I thanked my lucky stars when I was told that my application was accepted. My sister liked it so much that she decided that they were going to move into one of the two bedroom units here after they got married.

Enjoying the Ocean in Revere Massachusetts http://www.1goal.mobi/enjoying-the-ocean-in-revere-massachusetts/ Wed, 28 Dec 2016 17:36:06 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=282 Continue reading ]]> Don’t get me wrong, I had loved living right in the city of Boston. I could walk everywhere or grab a bus when I needed to, but I was ready for a little quieter lifestyle. Looking for apartments for rent in Revere MA was the start for me and even if only a five-minute from downtown Boston, it was vastly different to this city dweller.

Revere was big enough to have tons of great shops and social opportunities in a bit more relaxed atmosphere than the city. The commute to my job would be a bit longer, but I would also be driving my own car and not reliant and dependent on public transportation to get where I wanted to go when I wanted to go.

In all of my years living downtown in Boston, I never had much of a view of anything other than buildings from my old apartment. It was a great place, but living so near to the ocean and not enjoying even a glimpse or two of it on a daily basis had me looking for a place with a great ocean view in Revere. And once out of the city, I found that not only would my view improve, my monthly rent would get me a much larger space with a lot of luxury perks too.

I have now lived in Revere for a little more than a year and I absolutely love it. I rescued a little dog from a local shelter within a month of living here and he gives me a great excuse to get out and walk and meet new people. I am still in Boston daily for my job and I love being that close to the big city, but Revere offers me that small town feel as I discover more great little shops, boutiques and restaurants living here.

I Had No Idea That My Job and City Would Change So Quickly http://www.1goal.mobi/i-had-no-idea-that-my-job-and-city-would-change-so-quickly/ Thu, 13 Oct 2016 00:30:17 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=280 Continue reading ]]> After living in Texas all my life, it is funny to think that I had never been to the beach in my state. I was just four hours away, but yet, I had never gone. Not only that, the state borders Mexico, and I had never visited there either. One day, I was looking at our bulletin board at work, and I saw that there was a management position available in another city. I was thinking it over, when my boss came to me and said he thought I transfer and then start looking for Corpus Christi Texas apartments quickly. I never thought he would want to lose me, but he said the position came with a raise and a promotion. They really wanted someone like me to head up the new office there.

I went home that night and mulled it over. The thought of more money, a better title and the beach life as sure appealing. The very next day at work, I marched in and told him I would do it. He said that sounded great and that I should give my current place notice quickly, because they needed someone within 30 days in Corpus Christi. Everyone was moving so much faster than I thought it would. Just the morning before I thought that I would be living in my current place for many years to come. I had no idea that I might be changing my every day life so soon!

That weekend, I decided to drive out to look for new places rather quickly. There was no telling how long I would need to find a place, and I didn’t want to run into any problems. What surprised me is what I found a new rental within jut 4 hours of searching. I deliberately chose a place that is near the beach.

I Somehow Got Some Malware http://www.1goal.mobi/i-somehow-got-some-malware/ Thu, 13 Oct 2016 00:30:14 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=278 Continue reading ]]> So I am pretty sure how this happened. I accidentally ended up at this web page where you do not want to be. However this was late at night and my mental acuity was probably not up to the usual standard, so before I knew what was going on I had this rather nasty malware on my computer. This is my home computer, but I use it for a lot of important things and I can not afford to have it out of action or to not be able to trust it. I found a bunch of no-reply@accounts.google.com and one of them must have had some malware, but it was only about using coupons to get a cheap version of malwarebytes or mal bytes, I forgot exactly what the name of it was. However I recognized it and it was one of the better known names in this area.

Of course I do not want to take any chances so I am looking for a safe place to get what I need. I am really wary because some of these download sites will give you the nastiest stuff and bundle it with the program you wanted. Right after I got this computer I needed to get it set up for my daily use. So I had to go to Hotfiles dot com and download about a dozen programs. They would ask me if I wanted this other stuff and I would say No. That apparently did not matter to them, because they gave it to me any way. What I got was this browser hijacker called Babylon and it was incredibly bad malware which I could not get rid of. What it was trying to do was direct all your Internet searches to people who were paying them. I had to do that thing where you send your computer back to where it was before the issue.

I Needed More Credit for Social Security http://www.1goal.mobi/i-needed-more-credit-for-social-security/ Tue, 06 Sep 2016 04:30:21 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=275 Continue reading ]]> When I found out that I needed a few more tax credits for my social security to kick in when I was able to retire, I talked with my sister. She has a small business, and she often hires a few contractors when she gets overwhelmed with orders. I knew that it wouldn’t help me to be a contractor, so I talked with her about being an hourly worker just until I received the credits I needed for my social security. I had found a fake paystub generator too, which I showed her.

I knew that she would do anything to help me, so I wanted to make it easier on her too. I did not want her having to figure out taxes or anything like that, especially with her never having to do that before. With her contractors, they always pay their own taxes, so all she had to do was write them a check for the amount that they were owed. I didn’t want to cause her any stress, which is why I found the paycheck generator that does all of the work for her. Well, it does most, because she still has to enter the information in it.

That info is easy though, because it just includes my name, address, phone number, social security number and how many dependents I have. It also includes her name, business name, address, phone number and EIN number. That takes maybe two minutes to put all of that in, then it calculates the taxes for her. She is able to have that sent as a PDF file to her email, and she prints the check from it. It takes a total of perhaps three minutes of her time, and it helps me to get to where I need to be with my social security.

Making a Flawless App for Your Business http://www.1goal.mobi/making-a-flawless-app-for-your-business/ Sat, 09 Jul 2016 12:31:38 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=271 Continue reading ]]> If you have a business, you have to have an app. However, you actually want it to be an app that your potential and existing customers will download and actually use. If you can get them to use it every single day, like they do their texting app, then you have really hit on something. That is a hard thing to do for some industries. If you can at least get them to go to your app first for the product or service you sell, then you have accomplished making a useful app. For our business, we used www.massiveinfinity.com to make an app for us.

We knew that our demographic would not be using the app every day. However, we have a demographic that is very desirous of knowing what is new for the things we sell. We tie the app to a profile they have built with us, and we push notifications of new products we think they will be interested in. We also entice them to buy with escalating coupon offers and sales to get them back into the habit of buying with us. We also have specialized incentives for our customers who are regular buyers. The app was built on a well thought out design. We spent more time in the planning stages than was actually necessary for the folks at www.massiveinfinity.com to do the coding of our app to make it live.

We beta tested with a select group of customers and some people who do app testing professionally. We were surprised at the lack of bugs and functionality issues in the prerelease version of the app. When the 1.0 version of our app was released, we did not do any updates for a long time. The only update we really did was to change some logo and coloring schemes to match the new graphic imagery of our company. The app is performing flawlessly.

Paying for a Better Program http://www.1goal.mobi/paying-for-a-better-program/ Sun, 19 Jun 2016 04:30:26 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=269 Continue reading ]]> Sometimes you have to spend a little money to get the things you want out of life. I had been using a free CAD program to make some designs, but this program came with a catch. There was only so much that could be done with the program, and the only way to get the extra thing that I needed would be to use something a little more sophisticated. There was a better program that had revit extensions, which is what I needed, but I was too cheap to pay for it, so I looked for an alternative.

I asked around on some of the CAD forums for anything that would allow me to do what I wanted without paying for the other program, but no one was able to help me. Other people had run into the same roadblock before, and they couldn’t find a way around it, so they just went with the other program. There was no way around it, so I saved up my money until I had enough to pay for the new program. It took a couple of weeks, so I had to put my designs on hold.

Once I saved enough, I bought the new program and downloaded it. Once I installed it, I noticed how different the interface was from the old program that I had been using. Everything was easier to see, and I had a better time finding what I needed. Even the design tools were easier to use. Even before I got to the extension, the program had already become worth the price of admission for me. Next time I have a problem like this, I’ll just save myself the time and spend the extra bit of money to get a good program from the beginning. I can pump out designs at a much faster pace.

The Limbs Get Longer Each Year http://www.1goal.mobi/the-limbs-get-longer-each-year/ Tue, 05 Apr 2016 12:32:02 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=264 Continue reading ]]> There is a tree in my yard that grows dangerously close to a power line that runs from my house to the main pole. The tree didn’t start out that way. In fact, when I first moved into the house, the tree was noting but a little sapling. Over time it became massive, and the branches sway back and forth in the wind. I was afraid the tree would hit the line and knock out the power, so I called a service that does tree pruning in Queens County, NY to cut back the branches of the tree to a level where they couldn’t hit the power line.

One of my friends suggested just getting rid of the tree, but I didn’t have the heart to do it. I’ve seen that tree grow for so many years that I have a connection to it. I sit under that tree and read for fun. I’ve even talked to that tree on occasion about things going on in my life. The tree doesn’t answer back, but its nice to pretend that it does. Even though the tree makes a lot of leaves that need to be raked in the fall, I still love seeing it in my yard.

Now that the tree’s limbs have been pruned, it should be fine for a while. The limbs will grow again, but they won’t get close to the power line for a while. That tree will probably live longer than I will, and the next owner of my home will probably have it cut down, so I might as well enjoy the time I have with the tree. I do wish the tree could bear fruit. It would be nice to have some apples or peaches to harvest. Then again, it would mean a lot of animals would come.

The Shower Drain Was Clogged http://www.1goal.mobi/the-shower-drain-was-clogged/ Tue, 05 Apr 2016 12:31:34 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=262 Continue reading ]]> When I took a shower a few weeks ago, I was surprised to see that the water was going down the drain really slow. I was just happy that it wasn’t completely clogged, but I still knew that there was a problem somewhere. I also knew that it could turn into a major problem if it was not taken care of quickly, which is why I went online and started looking for a plumbing company that does sewer cleaning in Rockland County NY. I don’t really know a lot about how plumbing works, but I could tell that this was a problem with the drain system.

Because of that, I figured maybe it just needed a good cleaning. I have long hair, and my two daughters do as well. I knew there was a good chance that the clog had something to do with all of our hair that has gone down the shower drain daily for a long time. I was able to find a company that was able to come out the next day to give everything a look over. I picked this company because I was impressed with their website.

They have such a hometown feeling to it, and I knew that it would be good to support local plumbers rather than one of the national chains. When I was given the quote on how much it would cost to have them clean the drains, I was even happier that I picked them to be the ones to clean out my sewer pipes. They explained everything to me, and I could tell they were going to do a great job, only taking care of what needed to be done. When I took a shower the following morning, it was really nice to see the water go down the drain quickly!

New Ways to Wear Our Hair http://www.1goal.mobi/new-ways-to-wear-our-hair/ Tue, 17 Nov 2015 13:30:50 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=251 Continue reading ]]> Hair replacement is a huge industry and is it any surprise that we invest so heavily into it? We’re a vain people – not that there is anything wrong with that, and we put a lot of stock in our hair. For men, hair can represent virility and youth. For women it can be a sign of youth and vibrancy. So when my friend asked me to buy her curly clip in human hair extensions I didn’t bat an eye; anyone can ask for anything for their Christmas present so who am I to judge a woman that wants to make her hair look longer?

Women are able to do a lot more with their hair than men are, I feel. They can accessorize their hair in a way that men usually and generally do not concern themselves about. With men growing their hair longer these days I feel like we’re missing out on a market that could transform the way men perceive their hair. Personally, I think it’s a lot of fun being able to accessorize my clothing as it is. Why can’t I do the same with my hair? Extensions and the like are just not made for us which makes it difficult to find something that’s subtle while retaining masculinity.

I think it’s only recently that men have been more open about their hair. For a long time hair has been in the purview of women alone and so we have encouraged shorter hair cuts. Now that we’re growing our hair out longer we’re seeing men who are more open to changing the color of their hair and wearing it in new styles. Although you won’t find me rocking out with a ‘man bun’, I do love wearing my hair longer and coloring it in fanciful shades.

Started on the New Project This Week http://www.1goal.mobi/started-on-the-new-project-this-week/ Fri, 15 May 2015 12:30:13 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=245 Continue reading ]]> Kevin and Jack are going to be working on the original project still, but I have started on the new project this week. It is going to be a big deal for me and I am going to be in charge, so there is a lot of pressure on me to get good prices and find people who are going to follow through on what they say that they are going to do. The big thing is going to be getting a fair deal on roof repair in NYC. Of course that is going to be very expensive and it is also extremely important. If you do not have a sound roof, then all of the rest of the structure is going to end up at risk at the end of the day. You are going to have leaks, obviously and in this case we are sort of worried that the roof was seriously weakened by the heavy snow fall that we got last year.

Of course like a lot of areas we got one big snow pilled up on top of one another. At one point we were really afraid to use this building because we were not sure that the roof could stand up to the load that was on it. You would be in it and you would hear the building start to creak from the load that was on it. There is a definite limit to how much weight a roof is going to be able to take and if you get six feet of snow on top of the roof, that is a good time to start worrying about how much it is going to hold up. You do not want to be standing there when it does give out and all that snow comes down.

Take This Advice Really Seriously http://www.1goal.mobi/take-this-advice-really-seriously/ Fri, 30 Jan 2015 17:30:35 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=243 Continue reading ]]> A lot of people do not take care of their roofs and end up paying for it later on. I don’t believe it’s their fault however, most of us aren’t ever told that we need to watch out for our roof. It’s something that we just sort of have to figure out on our own and unfortunately the only way to figure that out is to end up having to pay for it. But, I’m going to give you the advice you need right now. Call commercial roof installation in morris county NJ. Ask them to come take a look at your roof and they will. When they show up for the inspection, ask them what you can do to help keep your roof in good shape and they will absolutely tell you. They will also tell you of any immediate problems with your roof if their are any. It’s pretty important that you don’t forget this step, you should want to do anything and everything that you possibly can to make sure that you keep your roof protected because it is important.

It’s definitely important if you don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around. The truth of it is that the roof is one of if not the most expensive part of a home that you definitely want to protect whenever possible. I was young when my roof broke, I was not prepared for it and I definitely did not have the money to fix it. I know a lot of people that have been in the same position as me and it just ends up costing a terrible amount of money. I wish that someone had warned me to watch out for it when I was younger, and that is why I give you this advice now, just watch out and make sure that it is ok.

Cheap Insurance Policies for Condos http://www.1goal.mobi/cheap-insurance-policies-for-condos/ Sun, 25 Jan 2015 05:30:18 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=241 Continue reading ]]> I am living in an condo right now, and I need to get an insurance policy for it. I am not sure how much condo insurance costs or how it compares to house insurance. I am sure that it would be similar, but different in other ways as well. I need to read up on it, because I know that I will have to get a policy soon. I just bought the condo and I have not moved into it yet, but I intend to have a policy in place before I start moving in, just for liability reasons. You never know what could go wrong, and I have had more things go wrong in my life than I care to count.

Anyway, the reason I bought this condo is because my wife and I are splitting up. I thought about renting an apartment, but it seemed like too much of a hassle, and I do not want to buy another house. So instead, I just decided to settle with purchasing a condo, and it seems like the best option I had, all things considered. I think the biggest plus is that I do not have a yard to deal with, which is nice, because I am getting older, and it is not like I have any use for a yard anymore. When I was younger it was a good place for my kids to play and a place for me to grow a garden. But these days, I try to not exert myself beyond playing an occasional round of golf or going fishing with my son. But back to the matter at hand, I am going to review a few websites and learn more about the insurance options that I will have for protecting my condo from any potential harm.

I Switched My Host Company http://www.1goal.mobi/i-switched-my-host-company/ Sat, 08 Mar 2014 01:31:01 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=222 Continue reading ]]> Get Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon 2013 “SUPER1CENTDEAL”When I received an advertisement that included a hostgator coupon, I knew I wanted to find out more about it. I have had my own website for several years, but I was getting more and more unhappy with the company that had been hosting it. I received a great deal at the beginning, only to have it more than triple by my third year. I know that companies need promotions to pull people in, but raising the prices that much was ridiculous. I had heard a lot of good things about HostGator in a forum that other small business owners go to as well.

When I got the advertisement with the coupon, I wanted to make sure that I was not repeating the same mistake I made with my former host company. I knew that it was a promotion, and that the coupon would only be valid for a certain amount of time.

Almost Ready to Open Up the New Shop http://www.1goal.mobi/almost-ready-to-open-up-the-new-shop/ Wed, 05 Feb 2014 01:30:29 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=213 Continue reading ]]> Actualité - EXPLOIT Coupe de France - club de football Joyeuse Garde ...We spent the day looking at brisbane electrical contractors and soliciting bids for wiring up the barrel plating line. Of course there were more than a few of them who simply did not grasp the nature of the task and we are going to have to buss out the tanks ourselves up to a point. It is not like the ordinary tradesman gets a lot of experience in doing this sort of thing. In fact there are likely only a handful of these systems in the entire city and most of them would be set up by the company that provided the vitals for the system. This line has around three dozen tanks and four chain hoists on two overhead rails.

I Met an Interesting Guy Today http://www.1goal.mobi/i-met-an-interesting-guy-today/ Sat, 25 Jan 2014 21:32:26 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=210 Continue reading ]]> Brooklyn Certificate of Disposition | Certificate of DispositionA few days ago I got a call from the secretary at a ny bankruptcy law firm and they inquired as to whether or not I would be interested in going to appraised a collection of old cars. I told them that this was pretty much what I did, but they had to pay my fee obviously. At first they did not seem to think my asking price was reasonable and so I told them to have a good day, but later on they called back and agreed. I went down to New Jersey, but along the Long Island Sound. If I had had a boat I could have gotten there in perhaps half as long, because this guy had a place right on the shore of the Sound. In fact he had a huge dock where you could tie up one really big boat and about half a dozen small ones. He had a yacht, but not a big one and not one that looked very valuable in my opinion. It was really old instead.

Retainers Can Be a Lot of Money http://www.1goal.mobi/retainers-can-be-a-lot-of-money/ Wed, 15 Jan 2014 13:33:51 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=207 Continue reading ]]> I liked the idea of the ability to pay a monthly service for insurance in case you were going to need to pay for an attorney retainer. A retainer could be a lot of money if you have to go to a lawyer and you would like to secure their services. I knew that I was not going to be able to afford the rape defense fairfax virginia lawyer that a lot of people went to and it was going to be good for me to go and and spend some time with the insurance agent that I bought a policy through.

Educate Yourself Before Starting a New Project http://www.1goal.mobi/educate-yourself-before-starting-a-new-project/ Tue, 14 Jan 2014 21:35:52 +0000 http://www.1goal.mobi/?p=205 Continue reading ]]> Buying your first home can be a challenge. However, when a person takes time to find out different ways that can help them to do this, they will be successful. When a person starts playing around with this idea, doing some research on their own can be helpful. For example, they will have to decide if they want to do a private sale or if they want to work with a real estate agent. Working with a real estate agent is going to cost them extra money, but it may be the thing that will help them to avoid a lot of mistakes that people commonly make when they buy a home. Using the Internet, or going to a local bookstore or library, can be a great way for a person to do this research. There have been hundreds of articles or books written about the subject of buying a first home. This will give a person on overall idea of what will take place during the buying process. Also, it is going to give a person a good idea of what it is like to apply for a mortgage, how much money they will need for a down payment and other things like this. Getting advice for an expert or someone who has experience in real estate is extremely valuable. Really, before a person embarks on any kind of project, educating themselves about the process is the best thing that they can do. This is going to help them to save time, money and energy. Also, it is going to give them an overall idea of how the process works. This means that they will be able to avoid common mistakes. Also, it really helps a person to expand their horizons and be open to new ideas when they take time to read about interesting subjects. That is the goal of 1 Goal Education. They are interested in helping educate other people and helping them to see what kind of new things are available for them to do and see.